Kimba is a gifted Philadelphia based Medium who is routinely sought out for her ability to compassionately and lovingly connect people with their loved ones who have passed.

Kimba’s expertise specializes in Mediumship; Psychic abilities; Angel Readings with messages from beyond this earthly plane; Reading pets, both on this earthly plane and those that have become Angels; Reiki Healing and Tarot readings. In the past she has worked on missing person cases and unresolved murder cases.

Kimba has trained with some of the best international mediums known today who are considered masters in their gift.

Kimba’s talent was evident at an early age when she displayed signs of it at the age of five years old.  After the tragedy of her Mother’s death at the age of six, she started to experience receiving angelic messages.  Not really comprehending the concept of death at the tender age of six, she did understand that the Angel visitations which she experienced quite frequently were messages meant to assure her that she was protected and that she was certainly “different” from others.  

Growing up she masked these feelings from her family because of their strict religious views that dictated that the “dead should not be consulted or uprooted from their heavenly places.”

In adulthood, Kimba went on to become a Registered Nurse to heal people in the physical sense and her career spanned decades during which she learned to merge both the physical and mental arts of healing into one.

One day she realized the need for merging the two arts into one. It became apparent to her because so many people told her they wanted closure after a loved one passed on.  She learned this while helping a patient transition into the spirit world. The revelation that the two planes should merge into one became very apparent to her. This would make the dying patients transition easier as well as allowing the grieving family to be at peace about the loss of a loved one.   

Rhetorically she asked herself, why does society believe when their loved one is dying that they won’t ever see them again, until they themselves die? The injustice and callousness of telling a grieving family that as their loved one was on their death bed appalled Kimba.  At that moment she realized all along she had been communing with her Mother that had passed away from Lung Cancer many years ago validating to her that there really is life after death. She felt people needed to know this and she was determined to provide a way.

As her psychic and mediumship abilities grew stronger she realized the world didn't need another nurse. What they really needed was a gifted Medium who could paint a passed loved one back to life for the grieving family. She also wanted to be able to assure the grieving family that there really is life after death and that we are just merely souls here on earth encountering a human journey.